All songs written and performed by Navy Skies
Produced/Recorded/Mixed by Sydney Galbraith
Mastered by Jeff Wolpert
“H3 Maze” Artwork by Ginoh Soerdoimedjo
Graphic Design by Travis Caine

Travis and Kara were special guests on CIUT’s Unsigned Radio last week (March 28th) to talk about the band and the upcoming release of The New War EP. They also perform an acoustic version of ‘Hospital Walls’, as well as an album b-side, ‘Between The Motions,’ live in studio. Check out the Podcast now online.

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Pianos and guitars and urgent vocals finally make an appearance since the outset, and in admiral fashion. Like all tracks to be featured in this column, the price of sale is criminal compared to the quality on display, but that’s all the better for us. ‘New War’ is a simple but effect track that is only similar to Orson, or at least from what I can remember.

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Navy Skies ‘The New War’ (EP Stream) • exclaim.ca

Starting out with the sweat-soaked, Springsteen-esque strums of “New War” and the swelling hooks of “Hospital Walls,” Navy Skies deliver a perfect storm of punk-inspired power pop (“Mystic Apes”) and sentimental sea shanties (“Wild Love”) on their new EP, which are all the more anchored by vocalist Travis Caine’s slightly sardonic yet optimistic songwriting.

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Tuned up! Thanks @unsignedradioca, and see you tonight #Hamilton!

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Navy Skies - “New War” [Free Song Download]

The EP is a collaborative effort defined by loud guitars, booming drums, melodic keys and raw vocals. Singer Travis Caine’s lyrics touch on both his youthful optimism as well as his battle scars in life which brings out a fair share of hopeful moments and moments of despair.


Listen Up: Navy Skies share new song, “Mystic Apes” (Nooga Premiere)

On their latest single, the churning and distorted rocker “Mystic Apes,” the band barrels through a series of labyrinthine melodies and densely packed layers of instrumentation that’ll have you tapping your foot before they hit the second verse.

These and more kind words grace Nooga.com this morning, who debut a brand new track from The New War EP. Listen here and make sure you join us next Friday, April 4th, for our release show at Sneaky Dee’s.



Our old pals The Anti-Queens are looking for a rehearsal space, Toronto. Sharing is caring.

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